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Felix Berghäll is a choreographer, performer, educator, music researcher, and DJ in Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz. He studied sports coaching and science at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Science in Stockholm. He has been part of the national team as an athlete in Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop and is now Co-Head Coach with his partner Mikaela Hellsten for the national team of Lindy Hop in Sweden. 

He has also been working for the last five years co-organizing one of the most significant events in the world with a focus on Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz, Herräng Dance Camp. He just resigned from his position at Herräng Dance Camp in November 2021. 

Felix has been dancing since he was eight, training and competing in the Swedish dance style Bugg and Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, and Double Bugg. All dances derived from Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz. He was in love from the beginning and was really, and still is, taken by the music.

He also leads a new NGO as a board member and treasurer, Collective Voices for Change, along with other dancers and scholars, to create a platform to address social issues in the Jazz dance community. The initiative's current focus is to discuss the problems of cultural appropriation and racial injustice.



Felix has been all over the world carrying on the tradition of the artform of Lindy Hop and Jazz, listed here you’ll find just a few of them. 

Herräng Dance Camp, Sweden

The Snowball, Sweden

Lindy Focus, USA

Swing Out New Hampshire, USA


Paris Jazz Roots, France

Inspiration Weekend, USA

Authentic Jazz Weekend (AJW), South Korea

Rhythm Korea, South Korea

Melbourne Swing Festival, Australia

Mood For Swing, Japan

Hong Kong Swing Festival, Hong Kong

Savoy Cup, France

Canadian Swing Dance Championship, Canada

Fog City Stomp, USA 

Saigon Swing Festival, Vietnam 

Swingtime Ball, China 

Winter Jump, Norway 

Desert Stomp, Israel 

Swingala, Italy 

Swing Train Festival, Italy 

Orient Lindy Express, Turkey

Balkan Lindy Hop Championship, Bulgaria

Lindy Shock, Budapest



Since the first competition in 2001 to stepping on the stage of the famous APOLLO Theater (Harlem, NY) in 2014, Felix's favorite place to be is on stage. There’s no place else that he’ll rather be, that’s where he feels the best. He performs almost every weekend traveling to events across the world and he’s been part of everything from small productions to one hour full length theater shows. Watch some of his favorite performances by clicking below.



As well as being a teacher, Felix has created several choreographies both on his own, in partner collaborations, in groups and for other performances and shows. Here's a list of just a few.

Harlem Hot Shots  |  Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance Troupe, Sweden

Lindy Christmas  |  Part of 4 productions as a dancer,  and 2017 as a co:producer with Mattias Lundmark, Sandra Klack, Mikaela & Maja Hellsten. More at:

Brothers & Sisters in Rhythm  |  Past team member and co-choreographer

Click to watch: ILHC 2017 - Team - Brothers & Sisters in Rhythm

Click to watch: ILHC 2018 - Team - Brothers & Sisters in Rhythm

Swingin' Air Force  |  Choreographed for Swingin' Air Force - Performance team from Montreal, Canada.



In the last 4-5 years of traveling, Felix has grown a big interest in DJing and collecting Jazz and Swing Music. He has a huge interest in the music and the dances connected to it and is trying to widen his knowledge as much as possible with anything that can help him become a better dancer, teacher and DJ. This interest has always been there since he started dancing at a very young age and was the main reason why he wanted to start dancing. The last 3 years he has been trying to, and getting asked to be involved as a DJ at the festivals that he already is teaching at and the interest is growing. 


The last 6 years he has been DJing at events like Herräng Dance Camp, The Snowball Swingala, Orient Lindy Express, Athens Rhythm Hop and more. 


He has also done work as a DJ for business parties/exhibitions such as ABSOLUTE ART. (more at

See what Felix has been listening to lately:

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