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Swingin' at the Savoy Show

Welcome to Savoy Ballroom, The world’s Finest Ballroom, The home of happy feet - Located at 596 Lenox Avenue, between 140th and 141st Streets in Harlem. We want to invite you on an historical journey through time and music, these next 30 to 40 min will present some spectacular dances of the time accompanied by the best orchestras from the early 20’s through late 40’s.

Savoy Ballroom would be Open 7 nights a week, with a capacity up to 4000 visitors every night and everyone wanted to dance in this ballroom. All the best bands over the country would get invited and wanted to play at this ballroom. 

The Savoy was one of the more important ballrooms where black musicians and dancers came together and defined a period of time: music and dance at the Savoy drew attention to the fact that the tradition of black musical and dance forms were interrelated, and together were responsible for the swing phenomenon. The Savoy, The Golden Gate and the Renaissance Ballrooms were a few of the ballrooms that battled for the crowds.


To compete with the other ballrooms Savoy introduced theme nights, Monday – Was Ladies night (all the ladies got free entrance), Thursdays night was Mechanic’s nights – (when maids and cooks had the night off), They would have Bathing beauty contests, and a new car was given away each Saturday night. Sunday Night was THE night when all the best dancers would press their suits and get ready for the night, Buchanan, the manager, would pay the dancers to dance for the crowd. People were queuing outside the ballroom to get picked for that night. 

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